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The Crystal Ballroom

Lost glamour revived, marvel at a celebration that is timeless, elegant, and uniquely grand. The innate glamour of famed Indochine heyday, when old-world Parisian chic met the colour and zest of traditional Vietnam, comes to life in the decadence of the Crystal Ballroom. A ourve of sophistication and class envelops each and every guest, a style like no other. You gaze at the magnificently arched ceiling, the mirrored display on ornate pillars, the tropical splendour of the high dais. Above all, your eyes are drawn to the stunning display of indulgent crystal lighting above, casting a cascade of vivacious light over the room. The cultured décor, the Vietnamese artistry, and the adaptable table and chair layout permit flexibility while always imbuing your wedding with unmitigated refinement. Revelry, celebration, and a special sophistication make any wedding day truly unforgettable.


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